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3 Keys of Hekate 

We offer many different services to assist you. Whether you move into a new home and just want the energy from previous owners cleared, need an actual investigation and clearing of some bad energy, or would like us to perform blessings we offer all sorts of services and we will come to your location we just ask for a donation to the organization for supplies used and upkeep of our equipment.

Basic House Smudging

We will come to your home, sage and clear the old energy from your home with oils. Protection sachets are extra but services are free for a basic house smudging.

Personal Healing and Anointing

Think you have some negative energy? We can help. Make an appointment so we can dispel any negative energy from you and make sure you are anointed. Maybe a bad breakup or just a bad run of luck? Let us know so we can have the correct tools.

Home Investigations

A free service we offer to those who think there is some paranormal activity going on. There will be an interview before the investigation to see what kinds of activity all in the home have experienced.

Business Smudging

When you just want to clear all the negativity out of a business. Maybe you had a very negative employee just leave and you want to "clear the air". Make an appointment, we will keep your business discreet and only known to us, and we can clear your space of negativity free of charge.

Cleansing and Anointing a Business

We can come to a place of business to cleanse and anoint the property and the building. This will include any sage and oils needed.

Business Investigations

If you think there may be some activity at your place of business, we can come investigate, discreetly of course, and maybe explain the activity.

Service Prices

House Parties


Starts at

Tarot reader for 2 hours and up to 4 people in your home

120 minutes

Includes 1 tarot reading per person

Completed around your schedule

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Mystic Fair


Starts at

5 hour session

Done at night

Includes Palm and Tarot reading

Book an Appointment

Mystic Convention


Starts at

7 hour session

Done at night

Multiple readers

Includes  gift bag

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